After School Care

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  • Chapel Downs School offers an After School Care Homework Centre each school day from 3.15 – 5.30 pm.
  • The Programme is co-ordinated each day by Mrs M Coulter and assisted by Mrs H Allen and Mrs G Milner.
  • The After School Care Programme operates out of the school hall/ICT room.
  • The Daily programme will include:
    • Afternoon tea time/Roll call (biscuit, drink or fruit and drink)
    • Activity time – one prepared activity.
    • Homework Supervision time.
    • Story/Serial Time.
    • Tidy up time.
  • Parents collect children each day at 5.30 pm. NO child is to leave without the co-ordinating teacher's permission. Parents are to sign out children.
  • First Aid: A First aid Kit is kept in the kitchen.
  • Food: All children are provided with a simple afternoon tea. 


  • Children are to respect the school facilities at all times.
  • Children use the toilets in the hall.
  • All outside play activities are supervised by the teacher.


After  School enrolment forms are available on request from the school office.


The fee structure is simple –  $40 per week. Fees are paid at the school office each Monday morning.